Powerful cleaning tool that removes dirt – Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a versatile and essential tool in a person’s arsenal. It is used for different purposes. You can clean household items quicker and deeper than a hose pipe, and with less water. Especially, a car wash pressure pump consumes less time and less water, which results in a quality car wash. The choice of your pressure washer should be based on your need to prolong its life. Here we shall see the two popular pressure washers.

EASTMAN EPW-1690 Pressure Washer: It has a flow rate of 390 I/hr and has 90 bars of maximum pressure. This item needs a corded power source with a power consumption of 1600 watts. When you buy EASTMAN EPW-1690 Pressure Washer, it comes with a 3-meter-long power cable and a 5-meter-long hose pipe. The 11-kg sturdy design and compact pressure washer make it easy to carry and move around. It comes along with a lance, water filter, hose, gun, and main unit. Key features of the product are overload protection and auto stop at the time of water stop. Buy EASTMAN EPW-1690 Pressure Washerto keep your household items dirt free.

Karcher high pressure washer: To maintain your garden furniture, patio, and cars from dirt and dust, buy a high pressure washer. Your choice can be a Karcher high pressure washer. Its recyclable plastic casing prevents dirt particles from damaging the motor and the pump. The presence of a safety valve in the product prevents pressure overload. When pressing and releasing the trigger gun, the motor gets turned on and off by a pressure switch control. Smooth running wheels, a large on/off switch, the ergonomically designed trigger gun, and the detergent injector systems are the key features that will definitely induce you to buy a high pressure washer from Karcher.

Go for a car wash pressure pump and maintain your car shiny and polished. Its high pressure water spray wipes excess mud, grime, dust, paint, dirt, etc. from the surface of a car. This compact, less noisy, user-friendly, and multi-washing-featured car wash pressure pump is a must-own one.

Why should you have a high pressure washer?

A high pressure washer can perfectly clean dirty, greased machines and equipment. A hot water pressure washer works better against heavy oil dirt.

• Molds are common in homes, commercial places, ceilings and walls. Walkways, especially in the rainy season, are found with moss. Using a high pressure washer you can scrape molds and moss completely from the walkways and keep you safe from skidding and falls.

• You need not climb a lofty building to wipe sidings. Just use a pressure washer and clean all sidings of your building. Blast away rust and paint from any exterior surface from wood to concrete with a pressure washer.  


Hence, a high pressure washer, as a powerful cleaning tool, wards off the dirt from your house in an effortless way. Every house and commercial place should have one for maintaining the environment clearly. So, speed up to buy high pressure washer to muffle your regular hard-cleaning practice. 

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